Dr. Hemminger’s research interests include experimental and computer simulation studies of the chemistry and physics of surfaces and interfaces.

In JCAP, Dr. Hemminger’s research will focus on the understanding of the CO2RR mechanisms using surface science experimentation.


Recent Publications

Soriaga, M. P. et al. Electrochemical surface science twenty years later: Expeditions into the electrocatalysis of reactions at the core of artificial photosynthesis. Surface Science 631, 285-294, DOI: 10.1016/j.susc.2014.06.028 (2015).

Saadi, F. H. et al. CoP as an Acid-Stable Active Electrocatalyst for the Hydrogen-Evolution Reaction: Electrochemical Synthesis, Interfacial Characterization and Performance Evaluation. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118, 29294-29300, DOI: 10.1021/jp5054452 (2014).


Additional Information

Profile at UCI:  https://www.chem.uci.edu/people/john-c-hemminger/ 
Hemminger Group:  https://www.chem.uci.edu/~jhemming/