JCAP researchers strive to transfer the scientific and engineering knowledge created in the Hub to maximize societal impact through generation of Invention Disclosures and development of partnerships with industry

JCAP’s lead institution and its partners have excellent track record of generating groundbreaking discoveries that led directly to the creation of products and services that benefit society. In line with this entrepreneurial tradition, JCAP researchers are taking results of their work and filing Invention Disclosure. To date, the Hub has filed over 50 Invention Disclosures and applications.

JCAP has established an Industrial Partnership Program.  As JCAP Industrial Members, Corporations can pursue joint work with the Hub and also have an opportunity to engage with other members of the partnership.

For more information on Industrial Partnership Program or to learn more about other modes of industrial interactions with JCAP, please contact us at info@solarfuelshub.org.

JCAP's IP Portfolio

Spurgeon, J. M., Lewis, N. S. and Marcus, P. Proton exchange membrane electrolysis using water vapor as a feedstock. US 20130092549 A1. Application. US 13/437,812. Status: Submitted/Offered Back to DOE.  Full Text: Google Patents.

Lewis, N. and West, W. C. Solar fuel generator. US 9545612 B2.  Granted. US 13/740,185. Full Text: Google Patent.

Hu, S. and Lewis, N. Axially-integrated epitaxially-grown tandem wire arrays. US 20130213462 A1.  Application. US 13/771,617.  Google Patent.

Mitrovich, S., Jin, J., Marcin, M., Lin, L-S. Substrate Coating for High-Throughput Synthesis of Photocatalysts and Photoabsorbers from Liquid Solutions, Provisional Application combined with US 14/336,638 Grant. Pending review.

Lewis, N. and Spurgeon, J. Solar Fuels Generator. US 20130256147 A1.  Granted. US 13/855,515. Full Text: Google Patent.

Lewis, N., Spurgeon, J., Xiang, C. and West, W. C. Solar Fuels Generator. US 20140021034 A1. Application. US 13/947,868. Full Text: Google Patent.

Ardo, S., Shaner, M., Coridan, R., Strandwitz, N. C., McKone, J. R., Fountaine, K., Atwater, H. A., N. Lewis Semiconductor structures for fuel generation. US 20130269761 A1.  Application. US 13/856,353. Full Text: Google Patent.

Ardo, S. and Lewis, N. Light-driven hydroiodic acid splitting from semiconductive fuel generator. US 9540741 B2. Granted. US 14/020,151. Full Text: Google Patent.

Fountaine, K., Atwater, H., and Shaner, M. Light Management in a Monolithic, Tandem, Microwire-Based Photoelectrochemical Device. Provisional Application combined with US 13/856,353 Granted. Pending review.

Jin, J., Xiang, C., and Gregoire, J. Scanning drop sensor. US 20130324424 A1. Granted. US 13/907,512. Full Text: Google Patent.

Jin, J., Xiang, C., Gregoire, J., Shinde, A., Guevarra, D. W., Jones, R. Marcin, M. R., and Mitrovitch, S.  Scanning drop sensor. US9645109B2. Granted. US 14/683,596.  Full Text: Google Patent.

Haber, J., Jin, J., Xiang, C., Gregoire, J. Water Electrolysis with Cathode Containing Transition Metal Oxides with 10-80% Cerium Oxide. Provisional Application combined with US 14/569,497 Grant. Pending review.

Haber, J., Jin, J., Xiang, C., J. Gregoire, J., Jones, R., Guevarra, D., Shinde, A. Oxygen evolution reaction catalysis. US 9435043 B2. Granted. US 14/569,497. Full Text: Google Patent.

Gregoire, J., Xiang, C., Gregoire, J. M., Jin, J., Mitrovitch, S., Marcin, M. R., Zhou, L., Suram, S., Kan, K., Newhouse, P. Generation and analysis of chemical compound libraries. US9778234B2. Grant. US 14/336,638. Full Text: Google Patent.

Hu, S. and Lewis, N. Protecting the surface of a light absorber in a photoanode. US 20150101664 A1. Application. US 14/512,248. Full Text: Google Patent.

Luca, O., Weitekamp, R., Grubbs, R. H., Atwater, H. A., Mitrovitch, S. Confinement of reaction components at electrode surface. US US9593425B2. GRanted. US 14/603,332. Full Text: Google Patent.

Popczun, E., Read Rodriguez, C. G., Roske, C., Lewis, N. and Schaak, R. Hydrogen evolution reaction catalysis. US 20150259810 A1. Application. US 14/660,699. Full Text: Google Patent.

Luca, O., Gregoire, J. M., Xiang, C., Neilsen, R., Weitekamp, R., Grubbs, R., Atwater, H. A., Mitrovitch, S. Catalytic platform for CO2 reduction. US 20150203974 A1. Application. US 14/603,342. Full Text: Google Patent.

McCrory, C., Jung, S., Jones, R. Rotating disk electrode cell. US 20160313274 A1.  Application. US 15/133,954. Full Text: Google Patent.

Yang, P., Chan, C., Sun, J., Liu, B. Nanowire mesh solar fuels generator. US 9347141 B2. US Grant. US 13/658,707. Full Text: Google Patent.

Liang, S. and Lynd, N. Polymer useful for an ion exchange membrane. US 9593215 B2. Grant. US 14/757,920. Full Text: Google Patent.