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American Chemical Society (ACS) 2019 Spring Meeting (SanDiego, CA)

  • San Diego Convention Center 111 West Harbor Drive San Diego, CA, 92101 United States (map)

Sunday, 25 August, 10:10 AM

Functional mapping reveals mechanistic clusters for OER catalysis across (Cu-Mn-Ta-Co-Sn-Fe)Ox composition and pH space J. Haber, H. Stein, D. Guevarra, A. Shinde, R. Jones, J. Gregoire

Monday, 26 August, 10:30 AM

In situ nanostructuring and stabilization of polycrystalline copper electrodes with organic salt additives promotes CO2 reduction to ethylene A. Thevenon, A. Rosas-Hernandez, J. Peters, T. Agapie

Monday, 26 August, 1:20 PM

Formation pathways to three-carbon products from carbon dioxide reduction reactions electrochemically catalyzed by metallic copper surfaces Z. Lin, K. Jiang, A. Garza, A. Bell, M. Head-Gordon

Monday, 26 August, 1:30 PM

Selective reduction of CO2 to water by molecular catalysts attached to carbon surfaces C. Kubiak, A. Zhanaidarova

Monday, 26 August, 1:40 PM

Surface topology effect of under-coordinated Cu sites on electrochemical CO2 reduction K. Jiang, A. Bell

Monday, 26 August, 2:20 PM

Effect of organic modifiers on the local environment in the electrocatalytic reduction of CO2 at metallic surfaces A. K. Buckley, M. Lee, T. Cheng, R. Kazantsev, D. Larson, W. Goddard, D. Toste, F. Toma

Monday, 26 August, 4:40 PM

Understanding vapor-fed carbon dioxide reduction at the gas diffusion electrode and electrolyte interface Using flow-electrolyte systems D. U. Lee, D. Koshy, K. Abiose, D. Corral, L. Wang, D. Higgins, C. Hahn, T. Jaramillo

Tuesday, August 27, 9:20 AM

Metal nanoparticles on metal oxide nanoparticles (Mnp/MOnp) as model catalysts. John C. Hemminger

Tuesday, 27 August, 11:45 AM

Computationally aided design of copper-based two-dimensional composites as alternative, active carbon dioxide reduction catalysts Z. Lin, K. Jiang, A. Garza, A. Bell, M. Head-Gordon

Tuesday, 27 August, 1:40 AM

Confining aluminum in metal–organic framework triggers carbon dioxide reduction activity M. Lee, A. Riccardis, R. Kazantsev, J. Cooper, A. Buckley, P. Burroughs, D. Larson, G. Mele, F. Toma

Tuesday, 27 August, 4:05 PM

Adsorption of organic micropollutants to polymer surfaces probed by second harmonic scattering laser spectroscopy D. Miller, W. Cole, H. Wei, S. Nguyen, C. Harris, R. Saykally

Wednesday, 28 August, 9:50 AM

Multi-modal optimization of bismuth vanadate photoanodes via combinatorial alloying and hydrogen processing P. Newhouse, D. Guevarra, M. Umehara, D. Boyd, L. Zhou, J. Cooper, J. Haber, J. Gregoire

Wednesday, 28 August, 10:40 AM

Optoelectronic properties of copper-based P-type semiconductor: Combined experimental and theoretical approach Z. Zhang, J. Cooper

Wednesday, August 28, 10:50AM

Experimental measurements of the impact of solvation on the electronic structure of organic molecules in solution. John C. Hemminger