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236th Electrochemical Society Meeting (ECS) 2019 (Atlanta, GA)

  • Hilton Atlanta Atalnta, GA USA (map)

Monday, 14 October, 2:30 PM

(Invited) Accelerated Discovery for Solar Fuels H. Atwater, T. Jaramillo, F. Houle, F. Toma, J. Gregoire, A. Weber, X. Amashukeli

Tuesday, 15 October, 8:00 AM

(Invited) Materials Discovery and Development for the Sustainable Production of Fuels and Chemicals T. Jaramillo

Tuesday, 15 October, 9:50 AM

(Invited) High Throughput Synthesis As an Enabling Capability for Materials and Interface Discovery J. Gregoire

Wednesday, 16 October, 8:40

Accelerated Screening for Carbon Dioxide Reduction Electrocatalysts and Implications for Reactor Design J. Gregoire, Y. Lai, R. Jones, Y. Wang, L. Zhou

Wednesday, 16 October, 11:00 AM

Grand Canonical Potential Kinetics of CO2 Reduction Reaction over Graphene-Supported Single-Atom Catalysts D. Hossain, Z. Luo, W. Goddard

Wednesday, 16 October, 11:00 AM

Using in Situ X-Ray Diffraction and Coulometry to Understand the Intercalation of Hydrogen into Palladium Thin Films A. Landers, D. koshy, S. Lee, J. Feaster, K. Brown, J. Lin, D. Lee, J. Beeman, M. Bajdich, D. Higgins, J. Yano, W. Drisdell, R. Davis, C. Hahn, A. Mehta, T. Jarammillo

Wednesday, 16 October, 2:20 PM

Design and Optimization of Commercially-Relevant CO2 Electrolyzers L.-C. Wneg, O. Romiluyi, A. Bell, A. Weber

Wednesday, 16 October, 6:00 PM

Studies of Electrochemical CO2 Reduction in Membrane-Electrode Assemblies O. Romiluyi, L.-C. Weng, D. Larson, A. Bell, A. Weber