The JCAP High Throughput Experimentation research team uses combinatorial methods to quickly identify promising light absorbers and catalysts for solar-fuel devices. Pure-phase materials — including metal oxides, nitrides, sulfides, oxinitrides, and other single- and mixed-metal materials — are prepared using multiple deposition techniques (e.g., physical vapor deposition, inkjet printing, and micro-fabrication) on various substrates. High-resolution X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) spectra for materials that have been characterized to date are made available here as part of JCAP's Materials Characterization Standards (MatChS) database.

To use the database, select an element from the "Elements Filter" box, click "Filter", then select from the available datasets. The data can be plotted, or downloaded as comma-delimited text files.

Database is temporarily offline. For specific questions, please contact