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255th American Chemical Society (ACS) Meeting (New Orleans, LA)

  • Ernest N. Morial Convention Center New Orleans, LA USA (map)

Sunday, 18 March, 2:45 PM

Accelerated experimental materials discovery through integration with theory and artificial intelligence J. Gregoire

Monday, 19 March, 8:00 PM (Sci-Mix) & Wednesday, 21 March, 3:55 PM

Catalysis of the oxygen evolution reaction in strongly acidic electrolytes with earth-abundant crystalline nickel-manganese antimonate B. Brunschwig, N. Lewis, C. MacFarland, I. Moreno-Hernandez, K. Papadantonakis, C. Read

Monday, 19 March, 10:00 AM

Strategies for the conversion of renewable carbon sources to fuels: Implications for catalysis A. Bell

Monday, 19 March, 1:30 PM

Computational studies of reaction pathways for electrocatalytic CO2 reduction to hydrocarbons on Cu-based catalysts A. J. Garza, A. Bell, M. Head-Gordon

Tuesday, 20 March, 9:40 AM

Development of solar fuels photoanodes through combinatorial integration of multifunctional Fe-Ce oxide coatings on BiVO4 as a function of coating composition, loading, and electrolyte J. Haber, D. Guevarra, A. Shinde, L. Zhou, F. Toma, J. Gregoire

Tuesday, 20 March, 11:30 AM

Sunlight-driven hydrogen formation by membrane-supported photoelectrochemical water splitting N. Lewis

Tuesday, 20 March, 2:30 PM

Electrocatalytic formate oxidation with an iridium hydride complex K. Waldie, C. Kubiak

Wednesday, 21 March, 9:10 AM

High throughput, multi-pH evaluation of earth-abundant pseudo-quaternary metal oxide catalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction J. Haber, D. Guevarra, R.J.R. Jones, K. Kan, J. Gregoire

Wednesday, 21 March, 10:15 AM

Multiscale modeling of the electrochemical reduction of CO2 A. Bell

Wednesday, 21 March, 10:25 AM

Growth and characterization of single-crystalline oxynitride materials for solar fuels production C. Read, P. Buabthong, N. Lewis

Wednesday, 21 March, 11:25 AM

Operando Raman interrogation of the synthesis and activation of a CoSe HER catalyst K. Rinaldi, A, Carim. N. Lewis

Thursday, 22 March, 10:00 AM

Nature of the active sites for carbon dioxide reduction on metal nanoparticles: suggestions for optimizing performance T. Cheng, Z. Wang, W. A. Goddard

Thursday, 22 March, 2:10 PM

Structured Si/Co-P photocathodes: Designs for efficient light absorption in earth abundant solar fuels devices P. Kempler, M. Gonzalez, K. Papadantonakis, N. Lewis

Thursday, 22 March, 3:20 PM

Designing carbon-based materials for effective electrochemical reduction of CO2 S. Siahrostami, K. Jiang, C. Kirk, M. Karamad, K. Chan, H. Wang, J. Norskov

Hydricity and other thermodynamic considerations for CO2 reduction K. Waldie, C. Kubiak

Electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide over bimetallic metal-on-copper electrocatalysts Y. Nishimura, C. Hahn, T. Jaramillo