Benchmarking is an objective evaluation of the activity of materials, which is of fundamental importance for the development of energy-conversion technologies, including solar-driven devices for water splitting and carbon dioxide reduction

The JCAP Benchmarking scientists developed and implemented uniform methods and protocols for characterizing the activities of electrocatalysts under standard operating conditions for water-splitting devices. They have determined standard measurement protocols that reproducibly quantify catalytic activity and stability. Data for several catalysts studied are made available in this database. Further information about catalyst benchmarking protocols and results for catalysts benchmarked to date are available in the following references:

McCrory, C. C. L., Jung, S. H., Peters, J. C. & Jaramillo, T. F. Benchmarking Heterogeneous Electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction. Journal of the American Chemical Society 135, 16977-16987, DOI: 10.1021/ja407115p (2013)
McCrory, C. C. L. et al. Benchmarking HER and OER Electrocatalysts for Solar Water Splitting Devices. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 137, 4347–4357, DOI: 10.1021/ja510442p (2015)

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